Smoothies for weight loss and body cleansing

The desire to lose weight quickly and safely, to gain a beautiful and fit figure is one of the most pressing issues today. Nutritionists offer many options for menus and products, but one of the best ways is a smoothie-based diet for weight loss and detoxification of the body.

What is a smoothie

A thick and aromatic smoothie - a vitamin cocktail based on fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, which will help restore excellent health and beautiful body contours and strengthen the immune system. This drink is based on carbohydrate-rich ingredients, most commonly bananas. The composition includes natural yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit or vegetable additives, flax seeds, cereals. Today, there is a huge variety of recipes that can be taken before and after exercise, during the day and before bed. It can be formulated with fresh greens to keep you awake or skim milk, making it the perfect evening shake without overloading your stomach before bed.

Smoothies are actively used for detoxification. The duration of the diet is from three days, a variety of recipes allow you to make healthy food by alternating different foods. For the cocktail, a blender is used to give the mixture a puree-like consistency. With the right choice of ingredients, the cocktail will be just as rich in vitamins, nutrients and fiber. This can be done with the help of an easy-to-use calorie calculator that shows accurate values for BJU.

When choosing ingredients, plant fiber should be preferred. Not only does it improve stomach function, but it also helps remove toxins and toxins from the body. The effect of drinks increases if you start playing sports. Adding any green ingredients to the composition has a cleansing effect on the body, and regular use for breakfast allows you to stay strong and energetic throughout the day.

fruit and vegetable smoothies for health

Recipes and calories

An oatmeal cocktail can be made for breakfast. This recipe is optimal for weight loss, allows you to normalize weight, cleanse the body. For the base, use water or almond milk. Bananas, honey, flax seeds are used to get a rich flavor.

With oatmeal, kiwi, apple, cinnamon, honey


  1. kiwi;
  2. kefir - not more than 150-200 milliliters;
  3. bananas;
  4. medium apples;
  5. oatmeal - a few tablespoons;
  6. cinnamon, any honey.
smoothie with oatmeal, kiwi, apple, cinnamon, honey


The hair is poured with kefir, left for five minutes, then chopped with chopped apples, kiwi, peeled bananas and spices. For cooking, it is convenient to use a blender, a top bowl of which can accommodate all the ingredients. Instead of kefir, it is permissible to take any mineral water, low-fat milk.


  1. protein - 9, 9;
  2. fats - 4. 3;
  3. carbohydrates - 62, 5;
  4. kcal - 330.

Cocktail with banana, kiwi, peach, mineral water


  1. little beauty;
  2. peeled kiwi;
  3. large bananas;
  4. water - 150 milliliters;
  5. apple juice - 50 milliliters.
smoothie with banana, kiwi, peach, mineral water


The fruits are pressed at high speed, the resulting puree is added to the juice, after which the mixture is beaten again.


  1. protein - 2. 65;
  2. fats - 0, 75;
  3. carbohydrates - 37. 5;
  4. kcal - 163.

With bananas, fresh pomelo, natural whey


  1. bananas;
  2. pomelo - the fourth part;
  3. serum - 150-200 milliliters;
  4. oatmeal - two tablespoons.
smoothie with bananas, fresh pomelo, natural whey


Whey can be poured with juice (to taste), flakes are prepared for a short time in boiling water. The fruit is peeled, cut into wedges and beaten with oatmeal. Then whey is added, the mixture is mixed again.


  1. protein - 5, 5;
  2. fats - 1, 84;
  3. carbohydrates - 42. 6;
  4. kcal - 211.

With pumpkin, quarter pomelo, oatmeal


  1. pumpkin - 300 grams;
  2. pomelo - 150 grams;
  3. oatmeal - a tablespoon;
  4. honey, a couple of sprigs of mint.
pumpkin smoothie, quarter pomelo, oatmeal


Flakes are poured with ordinary boiling water, then pressed with pumpkin, pomelo. To taste, fresh mint leaves, honey are added to the mixture, beaten again, but not until pureed.


  1. protein - 7, 34;
  2. yndyrna - 2, 44;
  3. carbohydrates - 49, 42;
  4. kcal - 218.

Green spinach cocktail

This recipe allows you to lose weight, cleanse the body of toxins and speed up the fat burning process. Drinking is recommended in the morning or at bedtime to improve overall well-being.


  1. bananas - 2 pieces;
  2. spinach - 2 full cups;
  3. ice - some cubes;
  4. milk - use only low-fat milk or vegetables in the amount of 1 cup.
green spinach cocktail


All ingredients except ice are whipped at high speed in a blender. The ice is added shortly before serving, if desired, it can be crushed to obtain crumbs.


  1. protein - 8. 7;
  2. fats - 2. 2;
  3. carbohydrates - 50, 3;
  4. kcal - 256.

Smoothie with ginger and beets


  1. spinach - a couple of punches;
  2. beets - 1 piece;
  3. ginger - a teaspoon;
  4. Apples;
  5. HEART
smoothie with ginger and beets


The apple is peeled and cut into wedges, the ginger and beetroot should also be peeled. The ingredients are thrown into a blender until a thick puree is obtained, water is added in small portions.


  1. protein - 3, 82;
  2. fats - 0, 95;
  3. carbohydrates - 27, 2;
  4. kcal - 134. 7.

To make a cocktail really healthy, you need to learn how to prepare it correctly. The composition is conventionally divided into three components - a liquid base, solid ingredients (fruits or vegetables), additives for enrichment, creating a rich flavor. You should only get natural ingredients, they should be thoroughly washed before cooking. For fruit recipes, it is recommended to add vegetables or greens, as without them the mixture is very high in calories and can cause an increase in blood sugar.

When choosing green cocktails, the portion of fresh herbs should not exceed 60-70%, the rest may be berries or fruits. If it is impossible to use fresh produce, it is permissible to use frozen.

You need to grind the ingredients using a blender with a blade attachment, a regular motion does not work. All ingredients are crushed to the smallest state because the base is used:

  1. sparkling or stationary water;
  2. oat milk, coconut or almond;
  3. any freshly squeezed juice, diluted in half with water, for example, pineapple or orange;
  4. yogurt and other fermented milk products.
making smoothie in a blender

The cocktail is drunk in small sips, it is not necessary to cool it. Recipes can be changed, making the reception of cocktails varied and enjoyable.

Are there any special recipes for slimming cocktails? Yes, the product is saturated with all the necessary minerals, it acts as a nutritious food. Of course, the composition consists mainly of plant protein, fiber, but such a diet lasts no more than 3-4 weeks, during which time there will be no damage to the body.

Smoothies are a mixture of fresh printed products based on plain water or skim milk. That is, with each intake, a person gets everything he needs to maintain a normal life. The presence of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, oatmeal and the lack of "heavy" foods have the most beneficial effect on health. You can improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system. Moreover, such drinks are especially useful in the winter and spring seasons, when there is an increased need for vitamins.

Types of smoothies

Regular consumption of smoothies allows you to lose weight seriously without health risks. To get tangible results, it is recommended to adhere to this diet for 3-4 weeks. It is perfectly absorbed by the body, allowing you to get everything you need. To maintain a healthy weight and feel good, rocking can be consumed at night or instead of in the morning, before exercise. But you should gradually switch to such a diet, as is the case with any diet. The amount of salty, sweet and fatty foods is reduced smoothly, gradually before going to bed, you should start drinking smoothies, choosing the optimal recipe. Furthermore, it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of regular clean water per day.

Diet options:

  1. Fat burning. This food allows you to improve metabolism, remove accumulated toxins from the body. Vitamin drinks are made on the basis of lemon, orange of different varieties, grapefruit. To reduce excess weight, you can add strawberries, fresh pineapple, not canned, mango in the composition, which will make the taste brighter and richer. Vegetable recipes include peppers, cucumbers, and can be diluted with cinnamon, ginger root and coriander for a pleasant aroma.
  2. Vitamins. Such drinks can completely replace the classic vegetable salads. For cooking, it is recommended to use seasonal vegetables from your region, which allows the drink to be better absorbed. For weight loss, cucumber drinks are recommended, but everyone can choose the best option for themselves according to their preferences.
  3. Fruit. Most often, such drinks are made on the basis of mangoes, citrus fruits and various berries. But it is recommended to refuse frequent use of bananas and grapes, as these products are more caloric.
  4. Cleaning. For those who want to get rid of toxins and get rid of excess pounds, special drinks based on fresh herbs are perfect. Chances are, one of the most effective will be a celery recipe.

A fruit cocktail is prepared using only natural ingredients. No canned food, jams, dyes or preservatives. After taking the drinks, satiety is felt, while a healthy habit of fractional eating is formed. During the day, cocktails can be taken according to different schemes, but the liquid structure is completely absorbed by the stomach and does not have any severity even when drunk at night.

types of fruit smoothies

Are there any weaknesses? Why not switch completely to a similar diet? This is influenced by the cooking method in which the added fiber is ground. To prepare a smoothie in a blender for weight loss, you need to soak the bran, seeds, oat flour and bring it to a soft state. Such food consistently is not quite suitable for the intestine, it can cause discomfort. A long-term diet of this kind is not recommended, drinks can be taken for dinner or in the morning, but eat normal food during the day. Fruits and vegetables do not contain the necessary proteins for the body; it is found in other ingredients - milk, natural yogurt or kefir. But it is a non-fibrous protein, can not provide complete satiety and is not used by the body for cell growth. The diet is recommended to be limited or to include lean meats, dietary meals, but with animal protein. Menstruation important for men after a prolonged exertion, for women to maintain normal reproductive function.

Effect on the body:

  1. elimination of symptoms of overload;
  2. weight normalization, removal of accumulated toxins;
  3. restoring the normal functioning of the body;
  4. saturation with useful substances;
  5. satisfying hunger without having to eat high-calorie foods;
  6. forming a fractional eating habit using low-calorie meals;
  7. restoring normal functioning and strengthening the immune system, increasing tone;
  8. you can gradually and painlessly remove baked goods and sweets from your diet, replacing them with healthy fruits and vegetables.

It should be clarified immediately that sugar, any kind of canned food or jam are not suitable for cooking. The required taste and sweetness is achieved only with fresh fruits and berries.

types of smoothies for fasting days

Such drinks are suitable as discharge drinks or for temporary use. They are indicated for cleansing, losing excess pounds, strengthening the immune system and overall healing. But there is no scientifically proven data confirming such an effect. This is a delicious, thick drink made from natural products, which will not only become the basis of a nutritious diet, but will also help restore the beautiful contours of the body, but is not suitable as apermanent diet.

Useful information:

  1. strong crushing destroys the structure of the fibers, this reduces the nutritional value;
  2. fresh fruits can not be excluded from the diet without processing, for example, it is recommended to eat 1-2 whole apples a day;
  3. only liquid food will cause a drop in energy after noon, which negatively affects concentration and well-being;
  4. the composition should include cereals, seeds, nuts, in order to exclude overeating;
  5. you should only drink freshly prepared smoothie, not ready-made in a cafe.


  1. gastrointestinal diseases;
  2. ulcerative lesions of the stomach, intestines;
  3. functional disorders of the liver, kidneys.