Thought for weight loss: psychological motivation to lose weight

It's natural to dream of a slim fit figure. A woman’s desire to lose weight is psychologically linked to a dietary restriction, but an equally important factor in gaining a beautiful shape is the mindset of losing weight. When the willpower is not enough, and you want to succeed at all costs, you need to start with the right motivation. To get the desired result, you need to clearly set a goal.

How to stimulate yourself to lose weight

Desires and thoughts about sleek shapes need to be turned into action, and for that you need to find the real reason. What caused the desire to lose extra pounds? Overweight, which affects your health, desire to be attractive and beautiful in the eyes of the opposite sex, hints that uncomfortable from your loved ones? These or other reasons can become motives that will help a weight loss person to set a goal correctly, to overcome laziness and apathy on their own.

What is the thought of losing weight

Getting into the fight against excess weight is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Slim girls on the pages of glossy magazines can serve as a reason to think about losing weight, but beautiful pictures will not become a motive. Something more will be required for the effort, a kind of psychological stimulation that will give self-confidence and achieve a positive result. Correct inner posture is a positive influence of the psyche, strength, which helps to cope with the whole difficult process.

How to set yourself up for weight loss

To start acting, you will have to accept the presence of the problem of overeating, improper diet, addiction to harmful foods, a sedentary lifestyle. Next, you need to understand why there was a lack of motivation. Without these two initial steps, finding an effective method of how to adapt to weight loss will be as futile as trying to follow a diet. Therefore, you need to look for real motivation, personal reasons for losing weight, while changing your attitude towards a difficult process: losing weight is a pleasure, not torture.

harmful and healthy food for weight loss

How to adjust yourself psychologically

On the difficult path to achieving the coveted goal, there will be many temptations, which you will have to resist with persistent aspiration and healthy persistence. How to psychologically tune in to weight loss in order to gain the desired slim shapes and not give up prematurely? Only self-hypnosis is necessary, in addition, criticisms about figure imperfection can play the opposite direction.

A healthy assessment is needed, but when a specific goal is set, fixing positive results, sincere joy for the intermediate result achieved, praise and reward helps to create and maintain humor. When the fight against excess weight is supported by positive feelings and emotions, then the psyche of a person losing weight will send a signal to the brain for a great return, and he will continue the process of losing weight with double effort.

Psychologist's advice

The right motivation, well-set goals, a positive attitude are half the battle. If you have managed to clearly understand why you want to lose weight, then it will be easier to overcome laziness, obstacles, temptations. In severe cases, when there is a reason to talk about being overweight, you should contact a medical center, where doctors will choose an integrated approach to fighting excess weight. One posture will not be enough even with any excess weight, therefore, you should consult a nutritionist, a trainer in order to choose a program of nutritional and physical activity.

Psychologists advise the use of the following effective techniques:

  • obedience (say phrases with a positive affirmation);
  • visualization (an accurate idea of a slender body, which sensations arise as if it already exists, for example, imagining yourself comfortable in a swimsuit on the beach);
  • "Magic" medicine for placebo effect (something that will help you lose weight);
  • sleep (good daily rest for at least 8 hours);
  • keeping a diary (to record the results achieved, analyzed);
  • acquaintance with useful techniques (body cleansing, meditation, breathing exercises).

Set a goal

When you lose weight, you can not avoid facing obstacles, the psyche and body of a person who loses weight under stress pressure will try to resist habits and new way of life. A clearly formulated task is designed to help reduce the impact of unwanted thoughts, which will inevitably lead to disappointment, rather than a thin figure. An effective way to determine the true purpose of weight loss involves writing down on paper all the cases where you have had to experience the concern of being overweight.

a large number on the scales as a motive for losing weight

Keep a diary

Understanding the reasons for the appearance of excess pounds before deciding on a diet will be the right step. In order to strengthen your efforts on the psychological level, you will need to establish a useful habit: to record intermediate results every day. To do this, you need to keep a personal weight loss diary, which should be supplemented regularly, displaying true information about nutrition, calories and physical activity. For convenience, you can choose the classic version (paper notebook, notebook) or an online diary.

Choose a comfortable diet

Delicious food, when a woman wants to pamper herself with cakes, and men rely on fatty foods, contributes to the fact that they begin to gain excess weight. There comes a time when an unhealthy passion turns into an unpleasant going in the mirror. In trying to lose weight, in order to admire your reflection again, you need to look for a suitable way to lose weight. If women and men losing weight start to approach the problem intelligently, then they should choose a comfortable diet. The following recommendations will help to do this:

  • if you have health problems, consult a doctor;
  • learn more about contraindications;
  • choose such techniques where diet will not lead to the appearance of hunger;
  • it is more difficult to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in winter than in summer or autumn, so it is better to choose a diet according to the season;
  • The length of the weight loss diet should be considered because maintaining a diet for one to two weeks is easier than limiting yourself to food for a whole month.


When there is still a long way to go for a clear result, and victory in the fight against excess pounds is so desirable, then all means are good. An effective support that any weight loss person can provide for themselves is meditation or self-hypnosis. A particular psychological state is intended to focus attention on one’s feelings and emotions. The purpose of the practical exercises is to create harmony between the physical body and the soul, which helps control appetite, maintain motivation and improve mood.

self-hypnosis for weight loss

How to start losing weight and not lose weight

The desire to lose weight without doing anything about it is not enough. It is necessary to move, review the diet, create the correct psychological attitude and show willpower. The beauty of a slim body is a job based on a holistic approach, and to please yourself in the mirror, you need to set a real goal and change your lifestyle. Psychologists do not recommend using severe restrictions in order to perform a weight loss course on the intended result and not break down. There will be temptations, so to stay and maintain your mood, you can use the following tips:

  1. Create a strong motivation (motivation to lose weight should be personally meaningful).
  2. Create a menu for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack).
  3. Fill your free time with useful activities (boredom often causes breakdown).
  4. Find like-minded people or argue with your loved ones about something (this will make you monitor your weight loss carefully).
  5. Refuse daily weighing.
  6. Suppress guilt if you have not been able to resist the temptation (it is better to brush your teeth to get rid of the taste of a food than to insult yourself for spoilage).

Doctor's attitude

The technique developed by the doctor of science is psychocorrection, when with the help of positive attitudes and kind words it is possible to influence a person's emotions and will. The melodies should be heard regularly, and you can choose a convenient time and place. Special postures act on the subconscious, forcing the body to choose the right direction. Perception of positive messages acts favorably, contributing to the acquisition of a slim figure, a change in life for the better without a threat to physical health or mental state.